Mower started during a christmas jam in Joeri's (former Mauser Fk) room @ the snakehouse with Victor in 2011. They both played (and still are playing) in the hardcore punk band O.D. Kids, but this is only the primordial soup of Mower.

In 2012 Mark (former ABACO drummer, also snakehouse resident) was asked to play the drums, so we could become a real band. At the first practice sesion, it became clear we needed a bassplayer.

At the Obsessed show in the Effenaar, sept. 5, 2012, Milo (former 13eaver and good friend of Mark & Joeri/former snakehouse resident) was asked to come and play.

It took a while before the first rehearsals were happening, but when the (famous) Snakehouse squat with deep roots in the stoner history, had her 30-year anniversary with a three day arts festival, we thought it was the ideal place for the first show.

After a bit of silence after that show, we are now moving forward, practice regulary and putting on more shows.



The name mower, well it started kinda as a joke.
Victor and Joeri went to see Black Tusk and Red Fang for there birthday in april 2012, so the joke was a collor and a name of some kinda denture would be a good band name. So "Green Molar" sounded good... but no, not really, o.k. just "Molar", yeh also not that great, o.k. how about "Mower", and there you have it.